Wednesday, March 19, 2014

DIY: Spike Necklace

  1. Gather materials
    • Metal bail: I found a set of 5 from Joann's Fabrics for about three dollars
    • Spike charms: dirt cheap on Ebay
    • Jump rings to connect the charms with the metal bail
    • Lobster clasp
    • Necklace chain: Joann's
    • Pliers to bend open the chain and jumprings
    • Measuring tape to figure out the length of the necklace

     2.   Using the measuring tape, measure your desired length of the necklace by wrapping it around your neck. Then, measure the length of the metal bail and subtract that measurement from the desired length of the necklace. Finally, subtract half an inch to your overall measurement for the lobster clasp allowance. Whatever number you've calculated will be the length of the chain you will be using!

     3.  With your chain, separate it into two from the midpoint.

     4.  Using your jumprings and pliers, connect the chains on both sides of the metal bail.

     5.  Attach the lobster clasp

     6.  Attach the spike charms using your pliers and jumprings

     7.  You're all done!

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