Saturday, July 26, 2014


Would it be unrealistic to admit that I hadn't been in my backyard for a few months? My parents made some drastic change to it. Our porch used to be cracked from sun damage, plants were dead, and overall the place looked lifeless. After seeing these large pots of herbs and edible greens, I decided to use it as today's background.
TOP: Wilfred Free | BOTTOM: Lily White | WAISTCOAT: Zara | SHOES: H&M

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Today I hung out with my two friends from high school, after not seeing each other since the fall season of last year. It was overwhelming, realizing how they change and develop through college and living in a completely new environment. In return, I wonder if I had changed at all. I never went anywhere.
TOP: Romwe | BOTTOMS: Zara | SHOES: BC | BAG: Natasha Dueham | GLASSES: Vogue