Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inspiration: Simple Intricacies

An all-black outfit is only a boring one without elements of surprising prints, texture, or silhouettes. Lately I've been keeping my eyes peeled for structured items.
The first picture has an interesting cutout, especially for its placement. Typical cutouts are placed on shoulders, backs, or waists, so how about a little bit of side-cheeks?
I'm a fan of curved hems, but the second picture has more than that; the cracked texture of the top, in addition to those curved and pleated panels at the front side of the pants nearly had me in tears (because finding those items would be a mission).
The third picture has a lot going on (layers layers layers!!!), and the fact that the outfit seems to have a composition of only two types of materials makes me want to reject the summer heat.
I love how mesh is styled in this last picture; last time I tried, my brother pointed out how much I looked like I was ready to sell myself out for the night.
All photos from Tumblr

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